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The decision to get a tattoo/piercing is a big one – particularly if it’s your first. You might have questions about selecting tattoo designs, finding just the right artist, and more. Here are some FAQs designed to help you through the process and make the decision that’s right for you.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo/body piercing?


If you are 18 years or older, just bring your state or government issued photo identification.  We do not tattoo and pierce minors even with parent present and proper identification of both parties. This is a MUST and required by our Health Department.  Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS



We are located in the cozy corners plaza route 27 Raymond New Hampshire We have ample parking available in front of the studio and more in the lot behind us. We are also located on route 1 563 Lafayette road accross from staples parking here is on the left side of the building and behind the  building.



We accept walk ins EVERYDAY from noon to 7PM. Walk-in clients are accepted on a first come first serve basis and are subject to artist availability. This is not a guarantee to get tattooed, so come in as early as possible!

We do all our booking for appointments in the studio where we can consult with you.  A deposit is required to hold your appointment date and it is applied towards the total balance of your tattoo when completed. 



We have a $70 shop minimum and our pricing is based on an hourly rate, but sometimes on a case by case basis per piece. We take into consideration the subject of the tattoo, the placement on the body, the size, detail, etc. Because of all these factors we do not supply quotes over the phone. You can also come in to the shop and talk to one of our shop managers or artists who would be more than happy to help you. We also accept Phone bookings  and  will need credit card information handy as well as  valid  photo id once your appointment date arrives.




We have 4 tattoo artists currently working at Bob's Tattoo. The schedules vary from artist to artist so if you are interested in contacting/getting tattooed by a particular artist the best way would be to stop by the studio in person, or go to our contact page at and email that particular artist. 



Oh yes we do! Piercings are done only in our Raymond, NH shop as piercings are illegal in Seabrook NH. piercings are on a walk-in, first come, first served basis or by appointment.  There is a link to the piercing price list on this website.



We accept cash or credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). No checks.



Yes! Absolutly just stop in the studio at any time to get one for whatever value you prefer.

How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?

When it comes right down to it, that’s what most people really want to know! Actually, getting a tattoo is not very painful nowadays because modern tattoo equipment is such that the needles go in and out of your skin very quickly. You’ll be completely able to carry on a normal conversation while getting your tattoo.

Of course, depending on your tattoo designs and location, the amount of discomfort can vary to some degree. Generally speaking, tattooing over bone – where there’s little flesh or fat – hurts a bit more. So getting a tattoo on the fleshy part of your arm probably won’t hurt much at all, but directly over your ankle bone or collar bone may be more painful – though still quite bearable.

Tattoo designs can also make a difference with regard to how it feels. Tattooing lines produces a different sensation from ‘filling in’, or tattooing blocks of color. Interestingly, though, there’s quite a lot of disagreement over which hurts more! It seems to be a subjective reaction – some people find the lines more comfortable than the filling in, while others say just the opposite. It’s sufficient to say that neither is really all that painful and you certainly can bear it all.


Is it safe to get a tattoo?

If you come to bobstattoo Tattoo where the proper tattoo equipment is used and regulated by the Health Department, getting a tattoo is very safe. Decades ago there was concern about getting hepatitis C from tattoos, but this is something all professionals are very conscious of nowadays. New needles are used for each and every customer, there is no chance of contracting a blood-borne disease. Most tattoo artists will be glad to set your mind at rest by showing you the unopened package of needles they will be using before the tattooing begins. After your tattoo is finished, we dispose of the needles. Ask about safety policies such as these before you select a tattoo shop.


How much does it cost?

Tattoo prices vary according to the size and tattoo designs. Of course, a larger and more complex design will cost more than a smaller, simpler one – that stands to reason. To give you an idea, relatively simple tattoo designs that are quite small (about the size of a silver dollar) will usually cost about $70 to $100. Prices vary though, so the best thing to do is to ask. Bring your design – or just describe it – and bobstattoo will be able to quote you a price right then and there.


When should I not get a tattoo?

You shouldn’t get a tattoo if you’re drunk or high and we will refuse to tattoo anyone who appears to be. The other reason for not getting a tattoo is if you’re not sure. Wait until you do feel sure or just don’t get one. This is not a good thing to feel ambiguous about. There are no specific medical considerations, but use your common sense. If you’re sick, wait till you get better.


Will having a tattoo make it harder for me to get a good job?

If you’re worried, why not get the tattoo in a place where office clothes will cover it? For men at any rate, that still leaves a lot of choices. Even if you can’t keep it covered though, in this day and age it probably won’t matter. Tattoos are a lot more "socially acceptable" than they ever were before and in most workplaces you are judged on the basis of your ability. There are exceptions, of course; there are tattoos that are so prominent and controversial in terms of their appearance or content that they may cause problems for you, just as there are workplaces which are exceptionally conservative. You need to make sure that all aspects of your appearance fit your objectives, and that includes tattoos. But having a tattoo or two certainly won’t preclude you from being gainfully employed – not in this day and age!


Can I give myself a tattoo at home, or have my friend give me one?

Technically it is possible, but certainly not advisable. You should have your tattoos professionally done – otherwise you’re just asking for trouble in the form of an infection or slower healing time. Do-it-yourself tattoos hurt a lot more and they seldom turn out as well as professional tattoos. A good motto is cheap tattoos are seldom good and good tattoos are seldom cheap, All in all, it’s definitely not worth it, none of our artists tattoo outside the shop unless it has been a scheduled "Tattoo Party" and proper space is available!


I’ve heard that getting tattoos can be addictive. Is that true?

It isn’t true in the sense of a real physical addiction, but it is a fact that people who already have one tattoo are more likely to get another one … or more. It is possible to get ‘hooked’ on the excitement of getting a tattoo, just as some people get ‘hooked’ on shopping, but that’s not a real addiction. Most people who end up with multiple tattoos do so simply because they like them.


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